Security Engagements
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COST is a MARFORSOUTH directed team of instructors that conduct Marine Corps Planning Process seminars in conjunction with partner nation militaries in order to standardize planning efforts. A COST is normally comprised of three to four personnel.
Initiated by MILGRP's and executed by USMC personnel, MTT's are a valuble and successful element in supporting USSOUTHCOM's efforst towards establishing and maintaining effective relationships with partner nation's security forces. MTT's typically consist of four to ten personnel.
LASO are usually conducted subsequent to COST seminars with partner nations.  LASO concentrates on building upon the capacity of partner nation Marine and Naval Infantry forces with the mission of improving host nation infantry tactics. These operations are typically conducted by teams of eight to ten personnel.
SMEE's are Identical functional, technical, and professional information exchanges between USMC experts and experts from the Marine and Naval Infantry forces from our partner nations.
Traditional Commander Activity are those military to military, leadership engagements which further relations between U.S. and partner nation forces.

Security Engagements

MARFORSOUTH conducts many different security engagements throughout the area of responsibility  in cooperation with partner nations.  Below is a sample of the security cooperation efforts and engagements routinely conducted within the region.