Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard Message

Welcome to Marine Corps Forces, South! Along with the entire MARFORSOUTH team, I want to ensure your transition to our command and the South Florida area is as easy and smooth as possible. We are a small, tight-knit command who work hard and value the meaning of teamwork. One benefit to our small size is that we all know each other personally and make ourselves available to help our fellow command members and their families. During your tour, we hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to become part of our larger MARFORSOUTH family.

The command is located in a beautiful and unique area, I am confident you will find this duty station unlike any other. Miami and South Florida are busy and vibrant communities with much to offer our families. With no robust base facility here in Doral for housing and other amenities, you may find yourself establishing closer ties with your civilian neighbors than with our MARFORSOUTH family. It really is a great opportunity to become more involved in your local community and with our fellow Americans who may have had little, if any, contact with DoD families. Because of this, however, it is even more important for us to maintain our connection as a brotherhood and sisterhood through command events such as family days, get-togethers, and other opportunities to maximize value and participation.

MARFORSOUTH’s mission is to support and command the Marines who operate in South America, Central America and the Caribbean and to strengthen our partnerships in the area of responsibility in support of U.S. Southern Command strategy. We have an enduring promise to our Partner Nations and work hard to build and maintain that relationship that is focused on trust and the security of “Our Neighborhood.” Our goal is to ensure that everyone that comes to MARFORSOUTH is professionally and personally fulfilled. 

As you begin to make the move and get settled in, I encourage you to use your sponsor and to reach out to our Family Readiness Officer, Staff Sergeant Gregory Jean Claude. He can be reached at 305-437-0780 or gregory.jeanclaude.mil@mail.mil. He is a wealth of knowledge, and is my direct representative for all family matters, so please do not hesitate to contact him.

Our goal is to make your tour rewarding and enjoyable for both you and your family. Again, on behalf of the entire MARFORSOUTH family…Welcome Aboard!

                          -Lieutenant General David G. Bellon, Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, South

Report In

During normal working hours (0730 – 1630, Monday – Friday) those assigned or ADCON to MARFORSOUTH will report to the G-1 in Alphas.  

After working hours, on weekends and holidays, call the Watch Officer (305) 437-0518 or Watch Chief (305) 437-3411, as you will not have access to the MARFORSOUTH HQ. 


  • Check the "Useful Links" section on this page for more in-depth information

  • If possible conduct your house hunting prior to your arrival.  It may save you time.     

    Check online at: www.militarybyowner.com

  • Remain in contact with your sponsor.

  • Attend the Monthly Newcomer Orientation brief

  • Contact the Family Readiness Officer.

  • Submit for an official passport if you don’t currently have one.


Traditional vs Non-Traditional Installation

SOUTHCOM is a non-traditional installation.  Listed below are some items that you will NOT find available on the compound or local areas:

  • Commissary                           

  • Community Centers   

  • Chapel            

  • Department of Defense Schools        

  • Pools                          

  • Base Theater  

  • Base Housing                         

  • Library

  • MCX/Uniform Store              



The MARFORSOUTH and SOUTHCOM area does not offer “traditional” military housing or Barracks.   

You will need to find a place to live.

When looking for a place you may want to keep the following in mind:

  • If you have children, check out the schools. (Welcome Aboard guide has additional information)

  • While a place may look close to MARFORSOUTH, the commute times can be very deceiving due to traffic.  (Ask your sponsor and check the Sun Pass website)

  • Check the toll routes around MARFORSOUTH as this is an additional expense.

  • Make contact with your military sponsor to see if there are areas that may be more populated with military personnel - example: Pembroke Pines area of Broward.



Links for great information on schools are:

  • SOUTHCOM has a School Liaison Officer that can answer your questions.

     (305) 437-0148



CDC will provide referrals for home care centers and can provide a list of emergency child care providers.

Check out www.sittercity.com and www.care.com for Nanny’s and night nurses.

CDC provides baby-sitting training/certification and referrals as well as resources for single parents.

CYS/CDC Contact # 305-437-2633


Transportation and Driving

Unless you are PCSing from a large city, expect your auto insurance premium to increase. South Florida auto insurance rates tend to be higher than other large cities.  In some cases it may double!

Prior to PCSing, contact your auto insurance company and find out what you may be expected to pay and if you can keep your current plates once you arrive.



Depending on personnel strength, the U.S. Army SOUTHCOM clinic will provide support to all Military spouses and select Retirees for routine primary care.  When you arrive, the U.S. Army clinic personnel will give you an update on availability, or if you prefer, you may contact the clinic prior to your arrival. 

Transfer your TRICARE coverage to TRICARE South Region. The easiest way is to call and let your current region know you are transferring.  

The U.S. Army Clinic does not have a TRICARE Representative on its staff. Although, as mentioned above, clinic personnel will provide the following assistance when you arrive:

  • Take care of all your routine and acute care.

  • Take care of your primary care manager (PCM) needs.

  • Manage you specialty referrals.



There is no commissary in the area. Many of the large grocery stores have “discount cards.” It is highly recommended that you take advantage of their programs to save money when checking out and at the pump.

It is highly recommended that you purchase all your required uniform items at your current duty station prior to you move.


For more information, refer to the Welcome Aboard Guide under the "Useful Links" posted on this page.

Useful Links

Command mailing address is as follows:
U.S. Marine Corps Forces, South
9301 NW 33rd St.
Doral, Florida 33172

If you have yet to hear from your sponsor, please call the MARFORSOUTH G1 at (305) 437-2600/2601 or, DSN: 567-2600/2601.